Adam Gruetzmacher’s Pottery + Best Of The Web

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Growing up, my weekends were spent frequenting auctions, antique markets, and volunteering at a Pioneer village where we dressed in traditional garb and spent a whole day living as our ancestors did, cooking with and eating from handmade ceramics made using traditional methods.


Since then, the value of humble, everyday objects has stuck with me, and my family and I still can’t leave a local market without a few handmade pieces of pottery. Needless to say, home was (and is) always filled with tons of handmade, antique pieces, namely pottery: some pieces were used as decor on the fireplace mantel, some housed peanuts at a party. So when I came across the work of Adam Gruetzmacher, a studio potter from Minnesota, a wave of familiarity and nostalgia came over me.


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His pieces are proudly traditional, yet influenced by the industrial processes. Despite his utilitarian focus on function and creating well-crafted pottery, his careful consideration of their aesthetic results in pieces that feel familiar and timeless, yet surprising in their construction. I can just imagine myself sipping hot tea from his mugs on a patio in the countryside on a slow morning!




So here’s so an enjoyable and slow weekend, hopefully filled with life’s simpler pleasures and an appreciation for the household items we use daily. And even if you are busy, I hope you take some time to check out more of Adam’s work on Instagram to join in his celebration of humble, handmade everyday objects. –Sabrina


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