A Minneapolis Apartment Filled With Simple Pleasures & Blended Styles

A Minneapolis Apartment Filled With Simple Pleasures & Blended Styles

Having grown up in Seoul, South Korea, when artist Sé Young and her now-husband, Christopher Kipp – who grew up on a 400-acre dairy farm in Wisconsin – married three years ago, two worlds collided. For the happy couple, home represents their eclectic personalities and, as Sé puts it best, “is a reflection of our marriage and the integration of our lives.”


Built in the 1920s, their 800-square-foot apartment in Minneapolis, MN is, in a few words, airy, experimental, and filled with only a handful of simple pleasures. Having moved in less than a year ago, the process of decorating and furniture shopping was (and continues to be) one wrought with making changes, rearranging furniture regularly, making returns to the store, and selling some items on Craigslist that just didn’t work. “I would say the whole process took 4-5 months,” Sé says. “As an artist, it was an incredibly stretching experience to work with such a broad medium outside of the canvas I’m used to.” But beyond surface-level design decisions, making their house a home was also a learning experience for their relationship. Where Christopher tends towards practicality, Sé leans more towards aesthetic expression; where Christopher flourishes in a consistent, Sé craves changing it up; where Christopher finds calm cooking in the kitchen, Sé gravitates to canvas and paints.


As Sé explains, “We see the world so differently, and I think making a home together has been a reflection of us integrating our diverse perspectives and preferences,” and as such, within their home you’ll discover aspects of their love of history, such as a bookshelf that Christopher’s grandpa built, as well as plenty of contrast, an element that they also see reflected in each other. And through this ongoing process of merging their lives and curating a home together, they were inspired to start whenwewed.co (coming soon) to share more about how they’ve cultivated their marriage, growing from two individuals into one family under one roof.


A space that inspires the couple daily – and one that makes room for both of their personalities – their humble abode is a sanctuary and a beautiful reflection of their relationship. As Sé describes best, the process was “one of the greatest adventures of my life,” and has resulted in a space that’s “simple, humble, and fits us well.” What more can you truly ask for? –Sabrina


Photography by Laura Rae



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