Before & After: Southwood Home Renovation by LLI Design in London

Before & After: Southwood Home Renovation by LLI Design in London

As Design Director of LLI Design, Linda Levene often completes projects drawing from her background in fashion and textiles. Her love of form, texture, and color is especially evident in a recent total overhaul of a four-story 1970s townhouse in Highgate – a charming, leafy neighborhood in London. The revamped home, dubbed “Southwood,” now features an open-plan master suite with freestanding bath as well as a statement glass-and-steel staircase between the lower levels. When its new family first saw the space in its untouched 1970s state, they knew it had tons of potential to reference its retro beginnings in a modern way. For example, the brightly lit full-width rooms felt large to the contemporary dweller, but hallways throughout the residence were cramped and dark.


The design firm reconfigured the floor plan and “transformed a tall, vertical townhouse into a home with a feeling of expansiveness and laterality, creating an uplifting and comfortable home for the owners.” In the casual living area, a palette of dark khaki, burnt orange, yellow and dark woods paired with industrial metals and mid-century furniture hints at the structure’s original history. More formal zones offer a relaxed feeling of calm with plush neutral upholstery, soft yellow and pale blue accents, and pops of graphic black. The construction and technical home automation were completed by another branch of the company – Pegasus Property & Pegasus Automation. In total, the project was recently awarded the annual Best Interior Design Private Residence in London title by the United Kingdom Property Awards for its warmth, elegance, and tasteful redesign. –Annie


Photography by Alex Maguire 



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