DIY Faux-Molding Ribbon + Best of the Web

061616 Ribbon Molding_LEAD


This week felt like a bit of a blur. The tragedy in Orlando, and seeing so many incredible lives cut short, knocked me to my feet in a way that I can’t fully express. I spent the beginning of this week in a dark, heavy place and I can only imagine how unspeakably heartbroken the family and friends of the victims feel right now. Each and every one of us at Design*Sponge has been focusing on sending all of our energy and love their way, but the weight of the situation and the reality of attacks on LGBTQ people in America have made it hard to think about anything else. I spoke about this in more detail on our social media channels, but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that great loss here and that, while we know design and beauty are often wonderful distractions from difficult moments in life, they do not fill the void left by this horrific crime.


It’s taken me until today to finally feel ready to look back into design and I’ve been slowing finding small moments of lightness in the words, images and ideas of our colleagues online. While our dedication to being a part of supporting the victims (here are ways to help if you can) is still our top priority, today I wanted to end with a bit of visual levity for anyone who needs it right now.


Megan Pflug is always coming up with wonderful DIY ideas and her post at One Kings Lane this week about creating faux-molding with ribbons really caught my eye. It was the first thing that made me smile this week and I hope it, and the links below, can provide a moment of hope and happiness during this difficult time. xo, grace





    • This week’s links are all about Instagram and feeds that are most definitely worth following. For starters, this amazing account that tracks gorgeously designed gates in San Francisco.
    • Like to travel? This feed tracks beautiful and incredible places to visit across the world.
    • I love flowers. I also love chicory flavor. So when I discovered this floral feed that combines both, I was sold.
    • One more great ceramics # to follow: #potsinaction – an amazing collection of handmade pots/ceramics in use in real-life situations.




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