An Illinois Home Proves Keeping Your Eye on the Prize Pays Off

An Illinois Home Proves Keeping Your Eye on the Prize Pays Off

I love how smooth and painless home renovations are. They always go off without a hitch. In fact, it’s surprising more people don’t take them on, right? Wrong! Who am I kidding? Renovations are tough! They test you, push you to your limits, and make you question so many things about your vision.


Such was the case with interior designer and fiber artist Astral Riles’ mid-century home outside Chicago, IL. After having viewed over 40 properties, she stumbled upon this hidden gem and her interest was captured. The two-bedroom home boasted just the right amount of space and a floor-to-ceiling fireplace – not bad. The ranch-style abode did need one tiny thing, though: a total overhaul. Where some may have seen an insurmountable challenge, optimist Astral saw opportunity. Here was the decor enthusiast’s chance to get her hands dirty and make a house into a dream home. Going into the project she knew it wouldn’t be easy, but no one could’ve predicted the tough road ahead. Just like that, the five-week renovation turned into a six-month battle of missed deadlines and spotty work. The situation got so bad, Astral eventually had to let the contractor go, leaving her to find a new partner that could bring her vision to life.


Not one to let negativity dampen her dream, Astral forged ahead with a new right-hand man and a newfound determination to correct the bad construction and strip down the space. Thanks to that go-getter attitude, the mid-century ranch is a total looker nowadays, with each and every one of its “functional and comfortable” accessories adding to its colorful and inviting swagger. As you’ll see, vintage accessories mingle with newer furniture as glitzy wall mounts and layered textiles create an inviting vibe perfect for cozying up to the fire on a cold night. All in all, Astral has used every room in the space to bring to life one of her favorite looks, and I truly admire her perseverance. Click through to take a peek around the rest of the home. Enjoy! –Garrett


Photography by MGB Photo



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