Large Scale Affordable Posters + Best of the Web

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As much as I love a gallery wall (and I do), these days my heart really belongs to large-scale artwork. Maybe it’s something about the simplicity of one huge piece or the way that it doesn’t require me to get super precise with a ruler and measuring, but large-scale artwork is my jam right now. The only catch is that it often comes with a higher price tag- especially when you add a frame to the equation.







Thankfully Eva and the Sycamore Street Press crew have come to my rescue with a new collection of large scale affordable downloadable posters that you can print at your local copy shop. Even in color, all of these prints (after printing) still come out to be $30 or under, so they’re a great value for anyone looking to spiff up their walls without doing too much damage to their bank account. The artwork comes with a fascinating back story, too. Prop stylist and interior designer, Meta Coleman, found a series of antique paintings at her family’s home in Germany and curated this selection to be available as printable posters at the Sycamore Street Press site. If you’re looking for something new for your wall (my tip: try DIYing your own frame like we did to save some $$!) click here to check out the full collection online. Until Monday, have a great weekend! xo, grace




    • Liz Libre’s home tour at Cup of Jo is one of the prettiest Brooklyn spaces I’ve seen in a long time. And that’s a borough with some major competition.
    • If you need some inspiration to take a big leap with patterned wallpaper, look no further than this post at OKL this week.




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