Moving Forward

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Talking about design and decorating when our country feels as if it’s being ripped apart at the seams feels wrong to me. But I am very aware that for many of you reading, this site is a much-needed distraction from the harsh reality of everything happening in our world today. I don’t want any distraction from the reality I feel is important to see, understand and acknowledge right now, but I recognize that to even have that choice to see or not see things is a privileged one. I know so many of you reading will not be able to simply turn off the news to escape the fear and heartache that is overwhelming in both the black community and law enforcement community this morning. I cannot stop thinking about the stories of Philandro Castile, Alton Sterling and, as of this morning, the five innocent police officers who were murdered by snipers in Dallas. The world feels heavy with sorrow and injustice and confusion and anger.



On Monday we will resume our regularly scheduled content. But today we’re taking time to mourn all of the innocent lives that have been taken. There is so much listening and healing and action to be done and I want to give us all space to be a part of that in whatever way we can. We’ll go back to home tours and recipes and business advice next week (while never forgetting what we’re feeling right now), but today it just doesn’t feel right to proceed with business as usual when so many people are feeling unsafe, unloved and unprotected.


So many of us here have known what it feels like to have spaces, at home and in the world, that do feel safe, healing and protected. Please share that good fortune, happiness and healing energy with everyone who needs your support this week. We will be doing the same. Our hearts are with everyone this week and always. –Grace







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